Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rye and Old Lodge

A repeat of my normal routine, Rye in the morning followed by Old Lodge in the afternoon. With a clear blue sky I was looking forward to the visit to Rye, As sometimes happens things didn't live up to expectations. Whilst the Black-headed Gulls, Mediterranean Gulls and Sandwich Terns have nested and chicks are hatching the Common Terns are sadly missing, just a few dotted here and there, nothing like the numbers of last year.  On the way to Ternery pool I spotted four Avocets - 2 pairs I guess. One pair must be in the Synchronised Wading event at the Olympics, as everything they did  was perfectly together. There were plenty of Terns flying in from the sea but a visit to the beach showed only a few fishing near in. A Skylark politely posed for me, as did a Cuckoo but both were up sun of me giving less than optimal photos. A fleeting visit from a Peregrine set the terns aloft but apart from that there was little to get the pulse going. So, after a cup of tea, I made my way to Old Lodge in the Ashdown Forest. 




I have a distinct feeling that the message had got through that I was coming  and everything must have gone into hiding, just a few Stonechats, an obliging Woodlark, and not a sign of a Redstart.


Ubiquitous Stonechat on gorse


  1. I think the journey was worth it for the great cuckoo shot. I went to Lavington Plantation and didn't even hear a Cuckoo...I wanted a Tree absolutely zilch!

    1. Hi Trevor

      seems to be the pattern at the moment, all or nothing.
      Still waiting for those warm spring days.


  2. Dave,My experience at Old Lodgee sounds similar to yours. Did get two woodlarks at the top of the reserve, two tree pipits near the bridge over the river down in the dip, and managed 3 redstrat right at the very top in the conifers just before you head back to the car park.That is if you are walking anti clock wise!! Only one pair of Stonechat all day. See pics on my flickr site.