Friday, 4 May 2012

Sonic returns

Arrived home from a Conservation Group meeting last night and my Good Lady excitedly pointed out this chap wandering across the green. Since we moved here there have been three notable disappearances - Tawny Owls, House Sparrow and Hedgehogs. I think the House Sparrows are on the verge of a comeback, the owls have gone but it was really good to see a hedgehog. I just hope it has a mate about, it looked well and wasn't fazed by my flash.

Sonic looking well

Had to go to Crawley today so took a camera and called in at Warnham LNR on the way home. Two pairs of Common Terns on the pond and a host of Swallows, I managed to identify two Sand Martins in the bunch. I walked around the trail  and at one stage was berated by a pair of Coal Tits, one with a beak full of caterpillars so I moved away but was then intrigued when one of them just "disappeared". Careful investigation revealed that they had spurned the use of the plethora of nest boxes and taken up residence in a disused rabbit hole. I know that nest boxes for Coal Tits should be placed closer to the ground but this is a basement!

A 'des res' for a Coal Tit family

At the far end of the reserve I found two trees decked in superb bracket fungus, investigation at home revealed that it was " Chicken of the Woods" so called because it is supposed to taste of chicken.
Chicken of the Woods

A final visit to the Woodpecker hide and I was not disappointed to find it living up to its name. A pair of Stock Doves were also in attendance but were easily spooked, unlike the Wood Pigeons that wouldn't budge if a bomb went off.

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker

Stock Dove

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