Monday, 21 May 2012

Deer, Oh Deer!

Early start at Pagham North Wall in yet another attempt to capture some decent Glossy Ibis images - a "no show" meant that I had to be satisfied with all the usual suspects. I dillied and dallied waiting to see what the high tide would bring. Anyway the morning was brightened up when I met Trevor Guy, The Pagham Birder. As usual we stood gassing for 30 minutes on the finer points of large lenses and distant targets when we were overflown by an Osprey, talk about panic. The upshot was that I didn't manage to get a decent shot of the bird which was carrying a large mullet. Check out Trevor's Blog for more info and some fine shots of a Roe Deer and a very recently arrived fawn.

The adult deer had been hanging around all morning just behind Breech Pool, however, when we made our way back to the sluice another birder alerted us to the fawn. Great subject for a long lens as they were not moving too fast. One of those were everyone goes Aaaaaaah!

Proud parent.

The place seems to be alive with Reed Warblers, some of which were very obliging, obviously distracted by nest building activities.

Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler

"Usual Suspect No.1"

"Usual Suspect No.2"

"Usual Suspect No.3"

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