Saturday, 12 May 2012

All Creatures Small

Another dip into the world of smaller subjects. I will add the correct captions when I have identified the little critters. Using a tripod is almost mandatory, hence most of them are sitting subjects, I still have problems trading shutter speed for depth of field. With birds it's easy, comparatively speaking, with insects how do you compose a picture with a depth of field of a couple of millimetres.

The puple and yellow moth is Pyrausta aurata which is common in the garden. Its food plants include mint, catmint and oregano, all of which are present.

 Moth, Pyrausta aurata 
Bumble bees are a new area for me, I guess its like birding - it all comes with experience. If anyone can help please leave a comment.

I'm not a sensitive sort of person but when I see close ups of flies I realise that it is best to keep your sandwiches covered up when out in the field.

Common Greenbottle, Phaenicia sericata

Hoverfly, Myothropa florea

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