Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pulborough Brooks

The sages say - "Always have a Plan B".  Well Plan A - photographing singing Nightingales failed miserably. There were plenty of birds but most of them not willing to be seen.

Secretive Nightingale

I think I get the message
Met Jim and Dawn on the trail, good to see them again - fresh back from their travels - look forward to the photos. Also bumped into Dorian and Dave, twice. 

 Plan B was to find a Common Lizard on the heath which, amazingly, was successful. At a recent class for macro photography the lecturer could not stress enough the importance of getting down to the same height as your subject for eye to eye contact. Well all I can say is he has never tried to capture a Common Lizard on a hot day, it was all I could do to keep up with him, the lizard not the lecturer.

Common Lizard

Common Lizard
Near the mound there was a terrible din, hoots and screeches as two Jays did battle with a Tawny Owl. The Jays eventually left but were still screeching. A Cuckoo appeared on the scene and did a circle round me, calling all the time, suddenly two females appeared, and one of which I was certain was a rufous. However, since arriving home and consulting the internet I have just a few doubts. Shame I didn't get a snap.

Continuing on the trail I came across a couple of 'bugs' worth capturing, first time for me - a green beetle with purple legs and a nattily dressed wasp. Also, a Beautiful Demoiselle, unfortunately the pictures were not good, a shame as it really is good looking.

Green Tiger Beetle

Wasp?? Sirex?? Help appreciated

By the time I returned to the Visitor Centre the customary 'Pond Dippers' and the bus load of people who have the same status as me  - OAP - had arrived - time to go. I called in to Waltham Brooks on the way home but it was very quiet, just a few Damsel Flies and a lone Small Copper.

Blue-tailed Damselfly, Ischnura elegans

Small Copper

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