Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Glossy Ibis

An early start at Pagham North Wall to catch the two Glossy Ibis that have been there for three days. No problem, found them straight away but weather conditions hardly conducive to photography. So here are my record shots, just a little more light and a few yards closer would have made a world of difference. The flight shots, taken without direct sunlight on the subject, are virtually silhouettes, but in this case some of the wing markings and colour are visible. I suspect those that delayed their visit to the afternoon found better weather and most likely some reasonable pictures.

For more pictures visit the Pagham Birders Blog - see the link on the right, Trevor has the knack of getting a good shot in difficult conditions. Also, if you want to see some excellent quality shots from Mallorca then click the link to his Flickr site.

Nice to catch up with other local birders, Trevor, Ian and Dick. Sorry Dick for calling you John, no excuse save for the advancing years and dimming brain.

And finally - my last SEO photo of 2012, taken today- promise.

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