Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Wood Whites and Silver-spotted Skippers

After much gallivanting around the higher bits of France and Scotland it was nice to be out on the local patch again. Whilst I was away Martin had managed to add two butterflies to his Sussex list, Wood White and Black Hairstreak, and I was keen to make an effort to catch up. The Black Hairstreaks were long gone and they will definitely have to wait for next year. A quick foray for the Wood Whites resulted in a dip but of course there is always a chance of a second brood. 

And so it proved, within minutes of entering the site we had a very compliant subject. Smug satisfaction at what is my 46th species of Sussex butterfly. Of course depending who and what you consult, the list is variable. We located another four specimens which is encouraging, hopefully the colony will continue to thrive.

It's always good to find the first Silver-spotted Skipper of the year, so we paid a visit to Newtimber Hill. This venue has been a banker for them over the last few years, of course they are becoming more widespread throughout the county but Newtimber remains a favourite venue. Good eyesight and the ability to chase a small, fast flying and easily camouflaged subject will result in getting close.

So, unless I have sole access to an influx of an exotic continental butterfly species, Martin has the bragging rights until next year.