Monday, 21 May 2012

Larsen Trapping

This is a picture I took today of a Larsen Trap, where a live decoy is used to entice other birds into the trap. It is used mainly against corvids. It is entirely legal, however, I find it extremely distasteful. The photograph is taken from the gate next to the "triangle" in Peppering Lane at Burpham, West Sussex. Oddly enough I went there with the intention of photographing raptors, following a post on Sussex Ornithological Society's recent sightings page where a birder stated " It's great to see what can be achieved when farming is carried out in tandem with wildlife", a view with which I would have wholeheartedly agreed until today. It is surprising , considering whose estate this is on, that the keepers made no attempt at concealment..  It ruined my day but nothing compared with the future of any corvid.

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