Monday, 14 May 2012

Dancing Wolves

When you have a macro lens it is quite normal behaviour to wander round the garden peering into bushes and plants looking for likely subjects. My next door neighbours can be forgiven if they thought I had gone completely mad. I had spotted some spiders sunning themselves beside the garden pond. Two in particular were having a merry dance, the smaller and darker one of the two would approach the other with an amazing "dance" routine. First he would raise his right pedipalp aloft, then the left, then both together and follow the whole routine by doing a jig with his front legs. To record this I was laying full stretch on the lawn, camera and lens on a bean bag and with my head almost in the water.   I also realised that no description of the spider's activity could ever do it justice so I resolved to make a small video - I just hope it works. Anyway, these are Spotted Wolf Spiders - Pardosa amentata and it is all about the male not being eaten by the female as he makes his amorous approaches.

Apologies for the soundtrack


Not the best, the original is in HD and converted OK, the processing on the upload seems to be pretty poor, will try to improve.

Spotted Wolf Spider (F)

Spotted Wolf Spider (M)

Spotted Wolf Spider (M)

Spotted Wolf Spider (M)

Spotted Wolf Spider (F)


  1. Hi Dave
    I must congratulate you on this new found pastime...these are fascinating macros.Can we have a video of you photographing Wolf Spiders next time!

  2. Hi Trevor

    it's just like birding but instead of looking up you have to look down.

    Just shows you what is going on and we are missing it - like I said previously

    "A whole new world"

    Looks like good weather tomorrow so I hope to get to Rye and Old Lodge.



    PS I have never been able to dance - much to my XYL's regret.