Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Water Voles I

On a grey and damp day I couldn't muster enough enthusiasm to chase the Ring Ouzels again and following some excellent information from a fellow birder, I went in search of Water Voles. They are somewhat shy and full shots were hard to come by but I think they are in the right context when in the greenery, feeding away to their heart's content. Oddly, they remained oblivious of passers by and dog walkers but took exception to my camera shutter noise. Half a dozen apples helped entice one or two from their holes but next time I must have larger apples otherwise they grab the treat and disappear.

Watercress is good for you.

Not sure this is an aboreal tendency or Beaver in the genes

Whatever - he had eaten the best part of 2 feet of bark

Suckers for a bit of apple
Maybe  - but I don't trust you.


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