Friday, 25 October 2013

Common Redstart

No birding today or so I thought. I had spent most of the morning sorting out bits and pieces on the computer, catching up with bird sightings and the most important task of all - filling the feeders. I also updated the SDOS garden bird survey, thinking that this week was fairly sparse and that we had had nothing more exotic than a Chiffchaff  recently. Some time later I had a call from Liz, she isn't a birder, informing me that in the garden was "a red bird with a black head". Grabbing the camera I headed for the sitting room and the patio doors. Sure enough sat out in the middle of the garden a Common Redstart  and it was coming closer, in fact too close for the lens. However, I did manage to record, albeit through glass,  our fifty-second garden species of the year and the seventy-third of all time. As I updated the garden survey again I also noted, due to the commotion on the front lawn, that the Carrion Crow count had risen to four, though only three posed for the camera.


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