Thursday, 24 October 2013

Glossy Ibis

Standing on the North Wall at Pagham on a warm sunny morning, a light southerly breeze at our backs,  all we needed was some exotic bird to liven up the proceedings. Sure enough Martin picked up an incoming Glossy Ibis and managed to capture it in flight prior to it landing at the rear of Breech Pool. The bird remained for at least 15 minutes, time enough to obtain some record shots of a fairly distant subject. Then off it went, climbing rapidly and heading north. I optimistically predicted that the bird would return and lo and behold after about an hour it landed only feet from its previous location, remaining an even shorter time than before.

Glossy Ibis gives the impression of being a large bird - not so.
Almost unmistakeable in flight
Apart from the GI the pool was fairly quiet, a lone Shoveler, a single female Pintail, a Ruff and the usual Wigeon and Teal. Oddly enough no Snipe to be seen on the pool though we were treated to a flyby just before we left.

On arrival we had been greeted by a Grey Heron standing sentinel by the sluice, a Magpie stood watch whilst we were there and as we left a pair of Collared Doves watched us go.

A Knock-kneed Bent-necked Hernshaw
A short visit to the triangle in Peppering Barn Lane gave us excellent views of several Red Kites and a Kestrel, a covey of a dozen Grey Partridges provided the flyby.

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