Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dartford Warblers

Another day when the photographs are not as good as the day's birding, but who cares, we seem to be out of the birding doldrums at last. With the weather slightly inclement and with a stiff south westerly blowing, birding on the coast didn't look too appealing. There had been no reports of the Semipalmated Plover so, without further ado, we headed inland for the Sussex Commons.

First up on the menu was a flock of 100+ Fieldfares doing their best to devour the huge Rowan berry crop that we have this year. The birds were very flighty, grabbing a berry then leaving the tree, finally I managed to capture a shot from distance, Martin managed to get closer of course.

Next we were surprised to have fleeting glances of two Dartford Warblers, a bird that I have been looking for throughout the year. Not a photo opportunity to be passed up, so we hung around for some time, finally a single bird showed at exactly the same time as a male Stonechat. This seemed to be the pattern through the day, as Stonechats arrived the Dartfords would appear. Two male DW appeared to be disputing territory and I heard at least two birds singing. I am sure we sighted four birds and possibly another two at a different location within the site.  Most of the time they kept their distance and never really posed for us. However, I did manage a few record shots.

Of course the Stonechats were obliging as always and at the death a Meadow Pipit literally parachuted in for a quick pose and left immediately. All in all another great day out, only record shots but a most satisfying day - roll on tomorrow.


Oh - and a Buzzard 

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  1. As you say Dave another great day out. Better weather Thursday maybe some sun.