Monday, 25 November 2013

Two into One

When birding doesn't go your way it is hard to put together a blog - much easier to let it go. Well, just lately the birds we have chased have not been present or a long way off. There are only so many ways to get material and after a while it all looks a bit repeated - no apology - this is how it is. However, I have a new solution - combine two days into one.

Yesterday was Farlington Marsh, Martin and I needed the White Fronted Geese as a year tick. It was deja vu as we stood on the sea wall of the north marsh, watching every single goose that flew in off the mud as the tide rose. Just the same as searching for the Red Breasted Goose earlier in the year.

Only this time we dipped - so I resorted to photographing colour ringed Black-tailed Godwits and some amenable Meadow Pipits. I shan't stoop to publishing the picture of the scruffy Crow that sat on a fence post in front of us, although I notice there are three frames of it - well I was desperate.

Today was more of the same - down to Blashford Pits for the Red Crested Pochard, it showed well - with a head that colour it could hardly do anything else. I missed the Ferruginous Duck nearby and visits to other venues in the forest were frustratingly fruitless. However, I was thoroughly entertained by the antics of a pair of Ravens canoodling - unfortunately a long way off - again!!

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