Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lesser Yellowlegs (II)

Martin and I have some sort of mantra that goes - See bird - Photograph bird - Improve photograph, of course not always in one visit.

So in perfect weather conditions we returned to the location of the Lesser Yellowlegs at Lepe Country Park. If you have seen the photographs we obtained on our first visit, then you will understand readily that virtually any photograph would be an improvement. Of course central to this plot is that the bird is actually visible. After a fairly long wait in a brisk northerly breeze we spotted the target, yet again a long way off. Then after another considerable wait the bird re-appeared on the pool in front of us but at a range that I would call "acceptable record shot". After expending a large amount of camera memory I remain disappointed with the results. With the bird withdrawing to the back of the pool we too withdrew - to the welcoming warmth of the car park cafĂ© for a pot of tea for two.

 Next on the list was a revisit to Jetty Lagoon at Pennington Marsh for the Long-billed Dowitcher as Martin wanted to try to improve on his previous shots. Just as on the last visit, the bird was reluctant to show itself and remained in the reeds in the close company of Snipe.

If I see a ringed bird I normally try to get a record, today was no exception. As we waited for the LY to show I noticed two Mediterranean Gulls on the scrape, one of them carrying a ring - 3K50, a report will be submitted tomorrow - watch this space!

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