Friday, 22 November 2013

Selsey Sea(l) Watch

Desperate for a few more ticks for the year I decided to do a sea watch at Selsey Bill. The wind was bitter and just a tad west of north as I hunkered down behind the concrete sea wall on the bill. Out of the wind it was pleasant - just a hint of warmth in the sun. Some of the usual suspects were about but distant, Red-breasted Merganser, Great Crested Grebe and several flocks of Common Scoter. A Great Northern Diver appeared close inshore so I returned to the car for the camera - you guessed it - gone when I returned. Two birders who passed by confirmed that it was still about further down the coast, having set everything up I chose not to relocate.

After what appeared to be a promising start things quietened down considerably. I was jerked out of my daydreams as I spied a large black object close in to the groynes. I wasn't sure what it was but when I saw the whiskers in the sunlight I knew straight away that it was a seal and a big one at that. It hung around for ten minutes and then disappeared. As the tide rose things got even quieter, a distant flyby of some Wigeon the only thing of note.


So it was up sticks and away to the north wall, where the wind was even more bone chilling. At least the water levels on Breech Pool have receded and at long last there is an expanse of mud for the waders. In residence was a single Ruff, Mallards, Wigeon and Teal. Several Snipe were loitering at the edge of the reeds and amongst the spread out Black-tailed Godwits a colour ringed specimen to record WG-OB.

White Green - Orange Blue.

Lots of lovely mud.....

.....and water.

One bonus was that due to the low temperature the air quality was superb for photography, just could have done with a few more targets 

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