Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lesser Yellowlegs

Today west was best, the early morning weather was atrocious but sliding south easterly. As we journeyed along the A/M27 into Hampshire the clouds gradually lifted and the sky brightened. In fact, on reaching Lepe Country Park, home of a recently reported Lesser Yellowlegs, there was a distinct band of blue sky and the promise of sunshine. As we approached the scrape to the east of the car park two birders were already in attendance, unfortunately their report was a "no show". We patiently hung around but very little appeared, a Peregrine being harassed by several gulls provided brief entertainment.

Precious time was being wasted so we left for Pennington Marsh for another go at the Long Billed Dowitcher. Last time we visited Pennington the pools were almost bone dry and devoid of birds, this time there was too much water and no exposed mud - therefore no birds. One day we will get it right!

Back to Lepe for another go and as we parked up we were extremely lucky to meet Roy and Keith, the birders who had been present earlier in the day. Great news! - they had been informed of the bird's presence on the scrape adjacent to the Dark Water. Martin and I were armed with cameras and binoculars, in the haste to get to the bird I had left the scope in the car. However, our companions carefully scanned all the birds and - success. Not a bird to take your eyes away from as you can soon latch on to a Redshank in error. Not the best photograph of the week but at long last a confirmed tick for Martin - many thanks to Roy and Keith for their assistance, sorry the shots were not better quality but it was an awful long way off.

Just to pad out the blog - two photographs of a Pintail, the best looking duck around.


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