Wednesday, 17 July 2013

White Admiral

Continuing the quest for a likely place to get good photographs of Turtle Doves I decided to visit a fairly local wood, Houghton Forest, just north of Arundel. I carried the camera and a macro lens just in case anything unusual turned up. Surprisingly I located two Turtle Doves almost immediately after entering the wood, a glimpse of one but nothing to set me off home for a bigger lens. However, I am hopeful that this site will produce the goods. 

During my visit I was treated to flybys of  Silver Washed Fritillaries but only one settled, at a distance, for a hastily snatched photograph.

Skippers were lively too, but again nothing came close. As the temperature rose I decided to head for home and on the return path encountered a fairly obliging White Admiral which I duly captured. Is it me or are there fewer Speckled Woods about this year?


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