Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sounds OK to me.

No photos today but progress on my Birdsong activity

Unfortunately it is not possible to upload sound files on the blog, there is a work round where you can combine a still image with an mp3 file to make a movie which can be uploaded.

These are recordings made on the South Downs behind Cissbury Ring on a fairly breezy day, the air traffic wasn't light either. As this is my first effort I am sure I can improve.

For the Geeks. Olympus LS11 with Sennheiser Me66/K6 .

Post processing in Audacity with high pass filtering to remove the wind noise and some of the aircraft.

Sonograms in Raven Lite.

Both items of software are free downloads - you just need to register Raven Lite.

Would be delighted to receive hints/ comments - many thanks

Test 1  Quail


Test 2 Corn Bunting


Test 3  Greenfinch - sorry about the plane and the Chiffchaff


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  1. Hi Dave
    Are you a member of the WSRS?
    How did you go about choosing the mic....Sennheiser Me66/K6. Did you consider a parabolic reflector as an alternative to a gun can reduce wind noise as well as being highly directional...or a Telinga. These little digital recorders are excellent compared to what I used to hump around in the '70s.Great wet me lips!!Got a nightjar yet? Trevor