Saturday, 21 July 2012

Scruffy Raptors

Spent a fine morning at The Burgh, I had only just started along the track past the barn when I spotted a Red Kite perched in a dead tree, a fair distance off but I could plainly see the blue wing tag marked with '3' and a yellow band, I hope some kind soul will tell me from whence it came. It was one of a total of six that I came across during the morning. Along with the Buzzards that I saw they were all distinctly scruffy with feathers in a poor state of repair.

Taunted mercilessly by three Magpies 

Nice to hear more Quail on the downs, two calling from two fields east of the "dew pond", it is amazing how far their calls carry. Another highlight was being overflown by three Ravens, all cronking away.

Back at the sheep paddock by the triangle two Grey Partridges showed well with a family of just two, possibly a consequence of the recent continuous wet conditions.

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