Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Down to the woods today

But no surprises. In fact Lavington Plantation and Common were very quiet today, several flocks of Crossbills but none prepared to stop and drink at the track pools on the Plantation side, although the odd pair perched in the morning sun but at fairly long range. The usual tit flocks were absent, probably the very cool North-easterly breeeze deterring them from coming out to feed. Back at the car park on the Common side there was a flock of 30+ Redwings rooting around in the leaves and stripping the last of the holly berries. Just in the woods there was a Treecreeper sounding off so I found him and managed a record shot, still not enough light.

On the way back called in at Burton Mill but again very quiet and I didn't want to hang around for the Bittern so headed for home. However, on reaching the turning for home at Bury I decided to see if I could find some geese in the field above Greatham Bridge - not a bird in sight. Two birders on the Brooks waiting for the SEOs.  Finally ended up in the overflow car park at Pulborough Brooks hoping for a Bullfinch shot. However, yet another flock of Redwings (40+) in the woods behaving in the same way as at Lavington, very skittish though.

Common Crossbill



Really liked this quote : "The easiest way to improve your photos is to adjust the loose nut between the shutter release and the ground."

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