Friday, 10 February 2012

It's an ill wind........

For the last week or more the wind has been in the North and temperatures have dropped drastically. Whilst  other parts of the country have had snow there has been very little where we are. However, the garden pond has been frozen over and it has been a daily task to provide fresh water into the bird bath. sometimes several times a day. It is also obvious that some birds are being pushed further south as this week we have had both Redwings and Fieldfares visiting. Another record today, the count of Goldfiches has reached 17 on or about the feeders at the same time.

Other birds are losing their shyness as we have had Collared Doves, which rarely land in the garden, looking for food. The male Blackcap has also become much bolder, feeding on the fat balls just outside the patio doors.

Nyjer seed creates a thirst!

Seventeen at one sitting
We have a crab apple tree which is usually the domain of the Blackbirds, but today it is inhabited by a single Fieldfare which is very territorial. He knows the threats and his place in the pecking order. He or she ignores finches and tits but will not tolerate the presence of the Blackbirds, driving them away with lots of tail cocking postures. When the pigeons arrive then that is a different matter he skulks away to the flowering cherry tree until they have had their fill of the small bright orange apples.


Scram - it's my tree




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