Sunday, 12 February 2012

The freeze continues

The cold weather prevails but with a hint of a thaw in the coming week. It was inevitable that the large population of birds congregating in the garden would attract predators and sure enough we have the attentions of a female Sparrowhawk. Several rapid dives through the garden have yet to result in a kill on our patch but it is only a matter of time - ah well everyone has to eat.

The Fieldfare population has risen to three, all of which squabble over territorial rights. Large Redwing flocks continue to circulate the neighbourhood and most berry bearing bushes are starting to become depleted on the upper levels.

I mentioned to my wife that it was odd that we haven't had a thrush yet and true to form, just as we sat down to breakfast, Liz noticed a Song Thrush in the front garden. Hastily grabbing the camera  I managed to record the 29th species of the year.

Song Thrush

Song Thrush

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