Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Grey Day at the Burgh

The intention was to park at the "triangle" and then have a quick walk to Burpham Church to view the Bewick's Swans, as always not quite how it worked out. I did see the Bewick's  mixed in with Greylag and Canada geese, I counted 37, though there is a margin for error as I was just using binoculars. I also scanned the churchyard as a birder I had met earlier had reported a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, no luck. On the eay back to the triangle there were plenty of Blackbirds, several Song Thrushes and a good scattering of both Redwings and Fieldfares.

Glad to meet up with Captain Bagsy - probably the busiest birder I have ever met, read his Blog and you will see what I mean. Hope he managed to catch up with the Short-eared Owls at Waltham Brooks

After about an hour by the gate I bit the bullet and walked up to the "dew pond". Definitely a poor day for raptors - only 2 Buzzards flying. Plenty of Grey Partridges constantly calling. Several very large flocks of Chaffinches which I scanned for Bramblings without success. There seem to be more Yellowhammers about, mainly in flocks up to 20 or more birds.

I returned to the triangle and found Dorian Mason and Dave Smith setting up for a view. By this time the cool northerly breeze was starting to find its way into the bones so I called it a day. No photographs to post on what was a very dreary, dull and grey day.

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