Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I have, for some time, been attempting to get decent shots of Goldcrests in my garden. I have a large Christmas tree, an eighteen foot giant that started as a three foot reject some sixteen plus years ago. It has grown like Topsy and I have pruned it severely several times. I can't chop it down, even though, in horticultural terms, it is as ugly as sin.  It is home to nesting Blue Tits and roosting Robins, provides a food source for countless hoverflies and wasps and is infested with whitefly. It is the presence of the whiteflies that appears to attract my favourite guests - at least four Goldcrests that visit several times a day. Today the conditions were perfect - clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. Unfortunately these hyper-active little birds are impossible to photograph cleanly - here are my latest efforts. The Quest goes on!!


Goldcrest - neat headgear

One day I will trap him in the open

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