Monday, 23 January 2012

Short-eared Owls

Decided to visit Pulborough Brooks, the local RSPB reserve, there are always good birds here. It's just that at the weekends it gets a bit crowded. So off I went thinking to myself that Monday would be a quiet day. It started well but, as the most inconsiderate birders in the world had also decided to visit, it all ended up as a bit of a farce. Three birders from Planet Zork running round the zig-zag shouting "Bullfinch, Bullfinch!!!!" as loud as possible - T*****s. Then to cap it all a mad blonde haired woman screaming into her mobile phone at the top of her voice, obviously not a birder, and remonstrating with her was tantamount to suicide. So off to Waltham Brooks for some peace and quiet.

The most obliging Short-eared Owl turned up at just on 13:00 and was more inclined to sit than hunt, which was good for me as the light wasn't too bad.  So I went home feeling that the day wasn't so bad and that the cold, hunger and thirst were nothing to bother about and you can stuff inconsiderate birders where they belong.

Short-eared Owl

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