Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Red-crested Pochard

Out early this morning in Stygian gloom and rain of diluvian proportions. The optimistic forecast on the BBC predicted that it would brighten from the west - so what did we do? Ventured east of course, mainly to see if the drake Goosander was still present at the Widewater. Unfortunately not, but a couple of Red-breasted Mergansers were close by. The female, perched on a block of concrete, gave an unusual pose. Oh that the light had been better.

We could see some brighter weather on the western horizon so we made our way to Chichester Gravel Pits. A second go at the Dusky Warbler. Finding the bird would have been nice and photographs even better. As we arrived another birder indicated that he thought he had the DW in front of him. Unfortunately, try as we might, nothing materialised except for an obliging but extremely active Cetti's Warbler. Not quite nailed but at least some pleasant shots in some really welcome sunshine.


An all too frequent view of Cetti's Warbler
 We met Owen Mitchell who kindly informed us of the whereabouts of the female Red-crested Pochard, not only that, he accompanied us to the location so that we would not miss it. Of course we duly arrived and there it was - gone! Only a few minutes later we discovered it swimming across Triangle Lake, getting closer all the time. In fact it posed perfectly for us before disappearing with a few Mallards.


Finally, I convinced Martin that a trip to Pagham North Wall would be a most rewarding experience.  Yet again I have to admit that I was wrong, apart from Wigeon, Teal and several flocks of Lapwings, very little was out and about in the increasing westerly winds.

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