Tuesday, 27 January 2015


I have for some time been thinking of an attempt to capture some otter pictures. After meeting Mick Jenner, whilst waiting for the Kumlien's on Littlehampton beach, I was finally galvanized into action. Mick provided perfect information, chapter and verse on where to go  and what to do. So in the half light before dawn I arrived at the venue, set up the camera and waited for the promised sunshine to arrive - it never did. Such a mega disappointment as, following directions from some local photographers, I was entertained for an hour or so by a family of otters. A female adult with two 8 week old youngsters were quietly fishing in what was a most productive stretch of river. Finally, bored with the onlookers, she took them a long way downstream. We waited patiently for hours. She returned just once, caught a sizeable Perch and disappeared once more downstream. I had to crank the ISO on the camera to ridiculous levels to obtain any worthwhile shutter speed - oh for a bucketful of sunlight. Anyway, it is always good to leave wanting more - so a return visit is a definite. A big thank you to Mick - spot on!

Eating fish is a messy business for a young otter.

This is my patch

Fish for all


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