Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Dusky Warbler

My first twitch of 2015!. Martin and I visited East Lake at Chichester Gravel Pits to see if we could find the Dusky Warbler. Sure enough the bird was still present and thanks to Dorian Mason we were in hearing range as soon as we arrived. The bird was very vociferous, a strident "chakk" call was obvious. Hearing it was one thing, getting visual ID quite another. After several fleeting glimpses the bird finally settled half in the open for just a few seconds, the resulting photographs were more by luck than judgement but I am happy with them. A life tick and a reasonable record shot to boot.

Nearly a flight shot - just a bit quick for me.
Why do Little Egrets always look so miserable in cold grey weather, if they were that unhappy wouldn't they head south for the winter??


  1. Nice pictures of the Warbler Dave - especially given how elusive it was - I didn't even get a shot of the bush ! - good to see you and Martin again this morning.


  2. Replies
    1. Hi Trevor
      mmm ... perhaps.... but you would be better off with my luck!!