Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ring Ouzels

It was nice to be out birding and at last there seemed to be lots to see. We set out fairly late in the morning, avoiding the early rain,  and hoping to see the long staying Ring Ouzel in the horse paddocks in Warner's Lane down in Selsey. Unfortunately the bird had gone - "should have been there the day before".  Never mind, there had been something of a fall and the paddock was becoming well populated by Wheatears, there were also several Redstarts in attendance. It is apparent that the paddocks have a large population of rabbits, something that Reynard was attempting to address.




Next up was a visit to Church Norton where we gained information of a Ring Ouzel on the West Side. The bird was easy to locate, a large male sat up high in the gorse, unfortunately it spooked and relocated to a blackthorn clump some distance away. Whilst we were keeping an eye on this bird, a second specimen turned up and at one time they both occupied the same tree. We hung around to try and improve our shots but unfortunately the bird was always at distance.

 Amusement was provided by a Linnet that was obviously nest building but it would appear that small feathers are at a premium.

Next stop, the Visitor Centre just to enquire after any birds of note. Nothing to keep us occupied so we decided to visit the North Wall. Dave Shepherd was in attendance and put us on to a Cuckoo, we had seen and heard one on the other side of the harbour but this one was happy to perch and give us good views but not in camera range We had previously seen a Little Grebe on the nest in one of the pools, so it was time to check up on any offspring. I suspect that this is a fairly young and inexperience mother because of the rather open siting of the nest, but at least one chick has survived and has the undivided attention of its parent.

Plenty of Whimbrel out in the harbour and on the return trip to the car we had great but distant views of a Whinchat resplendent in full summer plumage.

And finally..... a usual suspect.

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