Monday, 16 September 2013

Ring-necked Parakeets

Yet another out of county experience with  a leisurely trip up to the London Wetlands Centre. We have been intending to go for some time but as there have been reports of Garganey on the wader scrape in recent days, this was the most opportune time.  All I can say is that we dipped on the Garganey and that, similar to most places of late, it was very quiet on the birding front. Just a tad disappointing but sufficient seen on the visit to ensure a return deeper into winter.

I had promised Martin that we would get a tick for a Ring-necked Parakeet, the locals thought we were mad looking for such a bird and were in disbelief that we didn't have them in the Worthing area. As we were just about to leave LWC we were treated to a loud squawking and a flash of green, no mistaking that bird. As we wanted some photographs we made a visit to Richmond Park, apart from the RNP I wanted to know how the Red Deer were doing, especially as early October is the time for the rut. I can report that it is early days yet, as we drove past the Isabella Plantation there were at least 15 stags quietly grazing together,  no hint of the drama to come. Obviously testosterone levels remain very low although we did hear one chap bellowing.  In Richmond Park the deer seem to be much more placid than the "Beasts of Bushy" and allow closer approach, as a consequence I found myself with too much lens on and I hadn't taken any smaller lenses. I am sure that my compatriot managed to get some shots of complete deer rather than just head shots.


Richmond is well populated with RNP, at Penn Ponds car park we were entertained by the constant movement of at least 50 birds but none were happy to pose in the sunlight.

The Jackdaws are a different kettle of fish, posing well for the camera. Each car park café has a resident population looking for any scraps that might come their way.

Last year we had a dearth of acorns, this year a bumper crop - at least the Jays will be happy.


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