Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pagham, North Wall

The birding doldrums continue, we remain becalmed in a sea of usual suspects. A short visit to the North Wall at Pagham provided more of the same but with two small highlights.

A medium sized bird feeding on the mud of Breech Pool provided much debate, looking like a juvenile Curlew Sandpiper with great peach tones, but more seasoned birders were suspicious of the straight bill and pale legs. Well, with the huge hindsight provided by the camera shots, I reckon it is a juvenile Ruff, Philomachus pugnax, posted below are several heavy crops so judge for yourself. Perhaps next time a rare sandpiper.

Out in the harbour, a long way off, a Marsh Harrier was attempting to remove some grisly carrion. In the end it either found it too heavy or unpalatable.

Nice to meet Dave, Trevor, Ian and Dave Shepherd, all who exchanged pleasantries, unlike another well known birder who declined to speak.

One of the usual suspects.....................

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