Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Red-backed Shrike

As we drove to Rottingdean this morning I was sure that we were too late for the Red-backed Shrike. After all it had been around for four days, surely it must have gone. On the roadside only one vehicle was parked, not many birders about then. However, as we approached the location there was a single birder peering intently into the field, it was still here!! Then what followed was the most pleasant twitch that I have ever experienced, an obliging bird, perfect conditions and getting close to the subject. I hasten to add, for those birders that believe birders with cameras are demons, that in this case it was the bird that chose to come close to the photographer.


The bird fed happily all the time we were present, finding a plentiful supply of grasshoppers, bumble bees and sundry other unidentified insects. Even when several more birders turned up the bird remained content to feed from the wire fence some twenty yards distant.

On the wires were the usual suspects, Wheatears and Whinchats. One Whitethroat took exception to the close proximity of the RBS and made a comical half-hearted protest.


Nice to meet Paul and Bill on their local patch and thanks for the info on another possible bird close by.

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  1. Stunning shots Dave and looks like a cracking trip out. Clearly feeding it Grasshoppers gave you a few close shots !!