Friday, 25 January 2013


During the recent cold spell 'our' resident Goldcrests have modified their behaviour considerably. Normally they remain in the large Christmas Tree feeding upon all manner of insects, during the cold weather the branches and needles of the tree became filled with snow which subsequently froze, cutting the birds off  from their source of food. I noticed some days ago that they were visiting the feeding station in the garden and picking up fragments of suet pellets that had fallen to the ground. Then they actually visited the feeders but I imagine they found it difficult to extract anything, today I noticed that the female has now taken to visiting the bird table, because of her small size she is at the bottom of the pecking order but is obtaining sufficient food to ensure survival. The video below was recorded on my HD trail cam, unfortunately transferring to the blog causes a massive loss of definition.

Where all the food goes!

Blackcaps do not stay for long.

Wilf the wood mouse is surviving too

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