Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fieldfares, Blackcaps and Goldcrest

Having just joined the Shoreham and District Ornithological Society I thought that it was fitting to commence my first Garden Bird Watch. So, taking advantage of the bad weather,  I sat down by the patio windows with pencil and paper. Of course the camera was also mounted, just to record anything unusual.

Blackcaps have reached their highest count with two females and one male, they are very territorial but not as bad as the 9 Fieldfares that turned up. One dominant bird hogging the apples that I had placed on the frozen bird bath. One Redwing turned up, looked at the Fieldfares and left immediately.

Blackbirds peaked at five but it was pleasing to see a Song Thrush drinking from the pond where I had cleared the ice. Oh, one Greenfinch quietly munching its way through the white millet.

A very annoyed Blackbird

Whilst not actually in the garden - a 2nd winter Common Gull
Then long after sunset I noticed a small bird foraging under one of the suet feeders. picking up the crumbs that had dropped to the ground, a Goldcrest,  obviously times are hard but at least this lady is getting some sustenance. In fact when every other bird had gone to roost she moved onto the feeder itself and stayed until 1645, the only bird to outstay that time was a single Fieldfare that remained until it was almost dark.

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