Saturday, 24 March 2012

Corn Buntings

Another early start, no wonder I am always tired. A glorious morning on the downs, early sunshine with just a hint of mist, the promise of warm weather for the day.  I was hoping to find some Wheatears but nothing doing yet. Last year they were plentiful at this time, lots have been seen on the coast, but none stopping here.
There were many Corn Buntings calling, really nice as they are in decline. The Skylarks were up, the ubiquitous Pheasants calling and a pair of Red-leggged Partridges sounding off. With no Wheatears I walked on along the path as far as No Man's Land. All the usual suspects were present with plenty of Yellowhammers in evidence and oddly enough a plethora of Blackbirds all scrapping for territory. A  lingering Redwing flew by and several Chiffchaffs worked their way through the undergrowth stopping now and then to call.

Corn Bunting

Corn Bunting

Corn Bunting

By this time the first cyclist had appeared, quickly followed by dog walkers, joggers and ramblers - time to vacate the scene. On the way back to the car I met Alan Kitson and exchanged pleasantries and recent birding experiences - hope he had a nice day too.

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