Monday, 26 March 2012

Cetti's and Snipe

A new venue for me, very impressed by the wide open spaces but not by the long walk to the hide! First observation was the sheer number of Cetti's Warblers calling, not from the usual position in reeds but most birds in bramble or hawthorn bushes. I nearly got a clear shot of one but they are quick and never pose.
Cetti's Warbler
Cetti's Warbler
Cetti's Warbler

When I got to the hide there were plenty of Gulls to be seen and it was nice to see a few Lesser black-backed in with the horde of Black-headed, Mediterranean and Common Gulls. A pair of Common Snipe posed well whilst feeding in the grass immediately in front of the the hide. There was a fairly cool easterly blowing in to the hide so I stood outside in the sunshine to warm up and was rewarded by a very loud Chiffchaff in full song.

Lesser Black-Backed Gull

Common Snipe
Common Snipe
Common Snipe

The Jackdaw flock resident in Camber Castle rose as a single unit and it was pretty obvious that there was a raptor about - a Peregrine that flew straight over me and by the commotion coming from the lake was creating havoc there too. 

Camber Castle Jackdaws

All the Great Cormorant nesting sites appear to have been occupied and throughout my visit there was a constant procession of birds carrying large amounts of vegetation of various kinds.

Every Home Taken
On the walk back to the car park I passed a small flock of Shelducks - they didn't move but they all stood up an kept a wary eye on me until I was well past
We are watching you

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