Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Garden Raider

We take great delight in feeding and watching birds within our garden and we have a wide range of feeders dispensing all the available feeds from nyjer seed to the plain old peanut. Bird numbers have increased over the years and we now have a wonderful "charm" of Goldfinches and a tit flock that is often over 30 strong. All this activity in an urban garden is bound to attract those predators who regard a Blue Tit as a tasty snack. We have occasional visits from Sparrowhawks which, whether it is the male or female, have the same characteristics. Normally the attack is made in a long, rapid but shallow glide over the garden, if no kill results then it is a sharp bank round the Christmas tree and over the shed into next door's more dense shrubbery.  Today was different, it was obvious that the garden was devoid of birds, not a tweet and nothing on the feeders. Then we became aware of a pair of eyes peering over the fence just three feet from the main feeder stand, this bird was fooling no-one, thinking itself invisible was a delusion, every small bird had beat a hasty retreat. Nor were the local Carrion Crows going to put up with it, they mobbed her until she decided to depart for quieter hunting grounds.

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