Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Return to Pagham

Back to Pagham in a vain search for Bearded Tits. Plenty of other birds about in the harbour but the Breech Pool was sparsely populated. Kestrels were particularly active,  I had a pair perched in front of me for some time. At one stage a Rook decided that they should move on and successfully shifted them from their perch. Ducks are slowly returning and the Mallards seem to be in fine fettle, the birds here seem much bigger than Mallards elswhere, is it the rich pickings? Shoveler were in evidence, why do they always have such a worried look?

Kestrel (male)
Kestrel (female)
Get off my bush!

Who ate all the pies?

Good views of a scruffy Green Woodpecker, unfortunately just too far away for any good photos but a least a reasonable series of record shots.

Green Woodpecker

No sign of the Firecrests but pleased to see plenty of Greenfinches, especially juveniles.

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