Monday, 28 November 2011

Ferring Rife and Beach

Last Friday, the 25th of November, was a quick circuit of Ferring Beach and Ferring Rife, mainly because I hadn't been there for some time. There was a stiff SW breeze blowing creating a moderate degree of surf, at least enough to keep the Black-headed Gulls in motion.

Black-headed Gulls

Black-headed Gull
Some of them displayed hints of black heads - not sure if they are early spring coming or late autumn going - if you know what I mean.

Really pleased to see 2 Stonechats in the usual place. Just north of the footbridge on the western bank, perching on the bramble bushes and constantly doing their aerobatic displays.

Previously I have seen Carrion Crows that display leucistic or albinistic patches, they seem to be spread throughout Ferring and Angmering and occasionally are to be found on Highdown Hill. The photograph shows just hints of white in the wing, I have seen them with completely white wings.

Carrion Crow

There are still plenty of berries to be found, particularly Hawthorn, sufficient to keep this Blackbird happy for some time to come.

Blackbird (Fat and Happy)

A short pause at Groyne No. 4, just one Turnstone present, which posed nicely for the camera.


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