Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Back to Pagham (again!)

With a reasonable forecast it was back to Pagham, camera in hand. With an easterly breeze it was non too comfortable standing at Breech pool before sunrise. As the sun came up so did a fairly dense mist. However, there was plenty of bird activity. On the pool itself were Teal, Mallard and Wigeon accompanied by several Black-tailed Godwits  and two Common Snipe.  Further along the wall there were twenty plus Reed Buntings, Greenfinches, Goldfinches, flocks of Linnets and two Rock Pipits. The ubiquitous Kestrel was posing well. On return to the pool I met Ian, a very friendly birder. Two Black-tailed Godwits had declared war on each other and were going hammer and tongs. The Mallards had other things on their minds, a bit early for it, but lots of dominant drakes about. The resident Kingfisher darted in and out of the sluice at least five times but failed to sit and pose in what were perfect conditions. I swear that as I packed the camera away he flew past laughing at us.


Reed Bunting

Argumentative Black-tailed Godwits
Ian the affable Birder

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