Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Great White Egret

Today's plan was simple - an hour at Arundel WWT to get the friendly Great White Egret that has been in front of the hides since Sunday and then on to Pagham for an Osprey or two. Well, as I parked at Arundel it became apparent that the kids had not gone back to school as Liz had said to me before I left. Anyway that didn't matter as I was almost the first birder in and I went straight to the Sand Martin hide. Sure enough the GWE was on one of the islands, alongside a Grey Heron and the early morning light was almost perfect. Of course such conditions cannot prevail - the stupid Heron took a dislike to the GWE and surprisingly, given the size difference, sent it packing. That started a continuous changing of hides as the bird moved freely about the site. I have to thank all the birders present, especially Ian and Sue Foster, who put up with the frenetic relocation antics of a photographer in search of a perfect shot.


One problem at Arundel is the hides face generally east and consequently the sun is in your face. This, coupled with a snow white bird, meant getting good shots was not easy. However, in the end I gave up switching between the Ramsar and Sand Martin hides and waited patiently with some very friendly and good natured birders. At one stage we were treated to the swim by of a rather large Grass Snake which was being hotly pursued by an annoyed Moorhen.

Finally, having got the shots I needed I headed off for the North Wall at Pagham. Dave Shepherd was in attendance and we waited, yet again, for an Osprey to turn up, failed again!. In fact it was generally quiet but I did manage a year tick in the form of a distant Curlew Sandpiper, courtesy of Dave's scope.

Nice to meet Dick and Sue who I haven't seen in some time. Dick sarcastically remarked if any Kingfishers had posed on the posts - and they usually do. All I can say Dick  - you have to have patience!

Not the best quality - but better than Dick's

If you have spent any time in the company of Dave Shepherd you will know that his knowledge and recognition of aircraft and their engines is encyclopaedic. So these last shots are for him - he was particularly pleased with the Ryan PT22.

Ryan PT-22   G-BYBY


 FW P-149D was developed by Piaggo in Italy

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