Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Druridge Bay - Wood Sandpiper and Garganey

We needed to break the journey between Bempton and the Farnes and for the first time ever, a book that resides in the glove box of the car came in handy. Consulting my copy of "Where to Watch Birds in Britain" came up with Druridge Bay, so with me navigating and Liz driving we found the car park at Cresswell, which is opposite the first in a series of wetlands scrapes stretching almost to Amble

During lunch we were "serenaded" by a Whitethroat, investigated by a gorgeous pair of Stonechats and treated to flybys of Sandwich Terns. I set up the scope to scan the far bank, in the blink of an eye I was joined by local birders enquiring what I had got. Their arrival was both timely and fortuitous as we were treated to a Marsh Harrier hunting over the reed bed. During the birding conversation they gave me info on the whereabouts of Wood Sandpiper (2), Garganey and Spoonbill - many thanks guys - they all ended in a result, albeit every bird being at a fair distance.

Unusual to have both Garganey and Wood Sandpiper in the viewfinder at the same time. There was another drake Garganey just along the bank and I patiently waited for all three to be aligned - sadly it didn't happen.

Finally both came out in the open but not close.

And the Spoonbill remained a long way off too.

Carrying a lot of rings.

 A really pleasant venue and from what I understand, gets plenty of passage rarities.

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