Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Butterflies on Hemp agrimony

The rides of the local forest are wall to wall Hemp agrimony, Eupatorium cannabinum, which, at this time of year, is a major nectar source for many butterflies. I snapped these over a couple of hours in two afternoon sessions.

Hemp agrimony as far as the eye can see.



Of course other insects like it too....

Volucella inanis --- I think

.....and others have different preferences.


  1. Hell Dave

    Would you mind letting me know where you saw your Volucella inanis - the data would be useful for the Hoverfly Recording Scheme. I can be contacted either via the HRS website or via UK Hoverflies Facebook page

    1. Hello Roger
      tried to get a login for your HRS website - to no avail I'm afraid - promised a reply but nothing materialised as yet