Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back to Birding

At long last a day out birding. Martin picked me up at 0900 and we set off for the North Wall at Pagham, half way there we realised that we intended to start at Church Norton. A quick diversion via Ford put us back on track. Following all the excellent reports of migrants on the SOS website the visit to Church Norton was a bit of an anti climax. Just one elusive Common Redstart in the churchyard and virtually nothing else. Just before we left we met Dorian and Dave who reported similar results. Finally a Spotted Flycatcher perched on one of the dead trees as we got into the car.

Next up was the west side by Long Pool, Dave had seen Whinchats here so we decided to stop for a look. Same old story - nothing to be found. Though in the creek Martin identified Greenshank and Spotted Redshank, albeit at some distance.

On round to the North Wall and as we parked in the lane the place was buzzing with hirundines. On the wires were Swallows, House Martins and a large number of Sand Martins.


"Let me get it straight - we are flying south 6000 miles to a place you don't know?"


Flight preparation - just about every bird on the wires was preening

As we made our way towards the sluice we recognised the familiar figure of Dave Shepherd, so not only was I reacquainting myself with birds but birders too. Several hours on the bank watching Breech Pool produced nothing out of the ordinary. On the pool were Black-tailed Godwits and Lapwings, an occasional Snipe and several Dunlin. A canary Yellow Wagtail on the mud on the far side and for just an instant we were thrown by the arrival of three Pintails in eclipse plumage.  Finally, on the way back to the sluice we were treated to good views of a Whinchat.

It is good to be back birding and Pagham is always a pleasure, 50 species in the day was a good reward. However, I did note that there was a loud exclamation of "Clouded Yellow" each time we were treated to a flyby.

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