Monday, 22 April 2013

Long-eared Owl

A twitcher I am not, though occasionally I am happy to travel to see birds.  Today I had decided that no matter how I felt I was going to see the Long-eared Owl if it was still present at Pagham. A LEO has been top of my most wanted photographs for a long time and this was an opportunity not to be missed.After breakfast I placed all the camera gear in the hall ready for the off, prevarication and prognostication set in and I thought that perhaps I would be better off at home. However the report on Birdguides that the bird was showing well was sufficient to galvanize me into action.

Unloading at Pagham I still had doubts but, on finding the bird, all aches and pains disappeared.  There is something about owls that is pure charisma. No showy plumage but stunning presence, sitting in full sun and totally aware of up to 10 birders pointing all sorts of devices in its direction, not a care in the world and posing perfectly.  Well I know it is only late April but this is definitely my bird of the year - simply stunning.

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  1. Great shots Dave its high on my wish list and just love those red eyes.