Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Black Day at Pagham

Well not really, two of the birds were black by name, but the day was bright and it was great to get out in some sunshine. Having been grounded for a fortnight and still not really up to a  full day's birding I didn't want to blow it. So, although  I would have enjoyed a day at Rye, I decided to see if I could manage a few hours at Pagham.  With the sun in an almost clear blue sky and a chilly north east wind, I found myself by the stables at the entrance to the North Wall. The Black Redstart that has been about for almost a week was most obliging, if not totally predictable.

Having expended considerable memory on a gorgeous bird I took a walk along the wall to survey the Breech Pool. Most of the usual suspects were present, the Wigeon are still looking good. So too are the Black-tailed Godwits that are shifting into summer garb.

Then a double take, a large dark coloured bird emerged from the reeds, a Black Swan, happy to be in the company of five Mute Swans. If they cross what on earth do the offspring look like. Don't panic Martin, it isn't on the British List!


By lunch time the flesh was weakening, although the spirit was willing, I thought it time for home and a warm cuppa.

Just a few more worth keeping:

Chiffchaff happiness is a great pile of horse poo

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