Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Today's plan was simple, as the weather forecast was for grey clag all day with nary a hint of sunshine,  best to use the day to get a tick of a bird where there is no hope of getting close for photography - wrong again!!

So we opened up at Lakeside, Eastleigh for an oft reported and oft missed Hawfinch. No sooner had we arrived than a bird flew into the tops of the birch trees next to the path that runs from the miniature train terminal to the visitor centre. Its stay was short lived, in fact I didn't manage to get the camera out before it left. At least Martin got a record shot.

After waiting a few minutes for it to reappear we decided to cut and run to Mercer Way in Romsey where there had been reports of a flock of birds. Within minutes of arriving we had located several birds, in fact it was impossible to miss them as there were so many present. I reckon that 30 would be a conservative count, probably more, Whilst these birds are fairly skittish and mobile they do come down from the tree tops to forage in the leaf litter and drink from the puddles. There are also large amounts of Chaffinches and several Bramblings mixing with the flocks. When we took our lunch in the car, two Hawfinches came to feed within 15 feet of the car, of course the cameras were in the boot.

A great shame that the weather was so dull, pushing the limits of the camera doesn't help as most of the shots are noisy or not sharp, however I have posted them as it was such an unusual day. If you have a burning desire to see Hawfinches then this is the place to go.

The usual view of a Hawfinch - up in the tops.
....and another.

Much better to see them on the ground.......

....and in the bushes.


Birds everywhere!!

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