Thursday, 15 November 2012

Brent Geese

Oddly enough I found myself at the North Wall yet again today, this time determined to find a Black Brant. With the amount of Brent Geese present this was something akin to looking for the proverbial needle, the Brents were highly mobile due to some inconsiderate farmer installing several extremely loud birds scarers, this made it the equivalent to rearranging the haystack during each search. Having nearly gone cross-eyed I finally found a likely candidate but it turned out to be another false alarm. Perseverance, perserverance, perserverance and then give up!


The Hooded Merganser is still showing well but has become more wary still, hiding for several hours at the back of Breech Pool, having been active in the sluice until Derek Bell's gardener flashed up his rather noisy motor mower. It was that loud he couldn't hear what we were calling him.

The corvid population has risen dramatically, and in the fields behind and to the west of the pool, large flocks of both Jackdaws and Rooks were vociferous.

In the sluice were a single Grey Wagtail and three Rock Pipits

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