Thursday, 15 November 2012


Three days birding have taken their toll so I decided to take a rest today. First task was to clean the camera kit, which I decided to do with my feet up in front of the telly, the "entertainment" was watching India bat themselves into a commanding position in the first test match.  I always keep a weather eye on the garden and fortunately I spied an unusual "Chaffinch". The autumn good fortune continues, this time a short visit by a female Brambling. Luckily, camera to hand, just a few record shots before she was gone.

Second task was to clean my boots, in the quest for the Common Crane I had stupidly gone to the wrong end of Amberley Brooks and followed the path towards Greatham. Of course following heavy overnight rain it was similar to the conditions on the Somme. Fortunately Dave came to my rescue and I finally got great views, albeit distant, of  a very regal bird. The photographs, taken in the gloom, were a disaster.

The pond continues to be the bathing facility of choice for most of our garden visitors, two shots reminiscent of the Autumnwatch "What bird is it?" quiz.



  1. Top Greenfinch bottom Blue Tit ?

    1. Hi Mike

      50% top - Goldfinch

      first Brambling in 25 years - keep looking but not returned